When Judges Go Bad

Judges have the toughest job on the mean streets of Dredd's Mega-City One, and sometimes the temptations of crime are too much and they cross the line. This is what happens when Dredd finds out. THE WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW It takes a special kind of cop to police the nightmarish streets of Mega-City One - a violent post-apocalyptic city built on top of North America's old East Coast. An army of future lawmen, wielding the powers of judge, jury and executioner now keep order in this crime-ridden place. Known as the 'Judges', most of these men and women serve as the ultimate law enforcers - beyond reproach and resistant to corruption, they are the best the world has ever seen. But there's always one or two who succumb to lawless behaviour and with years of intense training and experience to draw upon, these Judges are the most dangerous individuals on the planet This collection...

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