What is This Thing Called Science?

Chalmers, Alan

| 2013

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A brand new edition of an internationally-renowned philosophy of science bestseller.Now well into its fourth decade, What is This Thing Called Science? has become something of a classic the world over, available in 19 languages. Each decade, Alan Chalmers has drawn on his experience as a teacher and researcher to improve and update the text. In his accessible style, Chalmers illuminates the major developments in the field of the philosophy of science over the past few years.The most significant feature of this fourth edition is the addition of an extensive postscript, in which Chalmers uses the results of his research into the history of atomism to illustrate and enliven key themes in the philosophy of science. Identifying the qualitative difference between knowledge of atoms as it figures in contemporary science and metaphysical speculations about atoms common in philosophy...

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Henrik R.



Utmärkt bok om vetenskapsteori/filosofi med många historiska exempel. Väl- och klart skriven.