Way to Victory: Annotated Book of Five Rings

"Although it was written over 300 years ago as a treatise on strategy and combat, Miyamoto Musashi's The Book of Five Rings is heralded today as a classic work that speaks almost equally to the businessperson, the philosopher, and the practitioner of the martial arts. In A Way to Victory, Hidy Ochiai - a legend in the martial arts world who has devoted much of his life to the teachings of Musashi - provides both a new translation of The Book of Five Rings and annotations that clarify the text's lessons in strategy for the contemporary reader." "Ochiai's new translation represents a seven-year effort not only to render the wisdom and spirit of Musashi's timeless teachings, but to painstakingly maintain the completeness and precision of his original words. Ochiai then follows each of the five volumes of the book with an in-depth analysis of that section's themes, offering the work as a constructive...

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