Wars I Have Seen

A memoir of the Nazi occupationand the Allied liberationof France,from theiconicauthor ofTender ButtonsandThe Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas Intimate friends of Gertrude Stein, aware of her indomitable courage and resourcefulness, were not at all surprised when she emerged unscathed from the Nazi occupation of France,herPicassocollection intactand her poodle, Basket, wagging his tail contentedly at her heels. But Stein had her full share of troubles and excitement in those four years, and it is this unbelievable period that she documentsin full in this most graphic and revealing of all her books. Written in longhand under the very noses of the Nazis,Wars I Have Seenis the on-the-spot story of what the people of France endured. From the early days, in which Steinwas more concerned with foraging food for her dogs than with the fate of democracy,to thecoming of the Americans, whichgave her...

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