Walking Through Fire

Snow, Maya

| 2010

Flag from en


Kimi and Hana have been reunited with their mother and youngest brother, Moriyasu, but the family are still in hiding. When their treacherous uncle's men attack the peasants who are sheltering them, Kimi retaliates. It is a fight that ends in fire, and both Kimi and Hana will be left with scars that will change them forever - scars that are both physical and emotional. In order to raise an army against their Uncle, Kimi's mother requests an audience with the powerful Shogun. The family are welcomed into his court, but while Hana is swept away by the fine clothes and grandeur, Kimi prefers to be with the servants, unable to enjoy luxury while others suffer as a result of their uncle's tyranny. It is the beginning of a division between the two sisters who were once inseparable. Yet even at the Shogun's court they are surrounded by danger. As well as encountering a face from the past, there...

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