Vampire Game Volume 6


| 2004

Flag from en


Ishtar's secret visit to Ci Xeneth has not gone unnoticed by her cousin Falan, who promises to keep it a secret from her father, the evil Lord Jened. However, with his unexpected arrival, can Ishtar expect the same from Vord? Ishtar, now aware of the truth behind the Merarim War, understands the hate that the monsters have for Lord Jened, and their desire to save their brethren from a horrible fate at his hands. Duzell, playing his role as the mysterious Illsaide's fiancee, learns about Illsaide's true feelings, which lay not with the disguised Vampire King but with the beautiful (well...on the inside, at least) Falan. However, his mission to find Phelios takes a back seat when an army of deadly and fairly cranky monsters invade the castle of Ci Xeneth to avenge Lord Jened's destruction of their home and people. An invasion that receives an unexpected assist from Ishtar, who frees the monsters...

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