Vampire Game Volume 2


| 2003

Flag from en


Once upon a time, King Phelios defeated the Vampire King Duzell. Duzell is then reincarnated decades later as a kyawl, a cat that coincidentally becomes a pet for Ishtar, princess of the Holy Pheliosta Kingdom. Ishtar is a young and saucy princess who disagrees with the divine right of passage of the monarchy, and instead feels that the leader of Pheliosta should earn his...or her...position of power and respect. She decides to aid Duzell in his thirst for revenge by helping him locate the reincarnation of King Phelios himself. To confirm the identity of the reincarnation of his former enemy, Duzell will have to taste his blood, not the easiest activity when trying to maintain a low profile in an enemy camp. Ishtar, though, is struck with an idea. Along with Duzell, she visits her aunt, Ramia, who has three boys, Ishtar's cousins Seiliez, Laphiji and Vord who all live in the La Naan Kingdom....

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