U Is for Undertow

Grafton, Sue

| 2009

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Sue Grafton takes the mystery genre to new heights with this twisting, complex #1 New York Times bestseller that draws private investigator Kinsey Millhone into a case shrouded in the sins of the past. Looking solemn, Michael Sutton arrives in Kinsey Millhone's office with a story to tell. When he was six, he says, he wandered into the woods and saw two men digging a hole. They claimed they were pirates, looking for buried treasure. Now, all these years later, the long-forgotten events have come back to him--and he has pieced them together with news reports from the time, becoming convinced that he witnesses the burial of a kidnapped child. Kinsey has nearly nothing to go on. Sutton doesn't even know where he was that day--and, she soon discovers, he has a history of what might generously be called an active imagination. Despite her doubts, Kinsey sets out to track down the...

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Angelica Persson



Grafton r en bra mycket bttre frfattare nu n nr hon brjade p alfabetsserien. Boken r svr att lgga ifrn sig, karaktrerna har djup och historien drivs stadigt framt. Olika kapitel skrivs frn olika karaktrers utgngspunkt, ibland i olika tidsperioder, men i stllet fr att gra historien rrig r det boken styrka. Fokuset ligger inte p sjlva deckarbiten utan berttelsen i sig. Lsvrd!