Twice Bitten: Love in Vein II

Brite, Poppy Z.

| 1997

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Following the stunning success of "Love in Vein, " Poppy Z. Brite offers a second dark gift: another intimate volume of vampiric eroticaFrom the New Orleans goth scene to the punk bars of Amsterdam, from the Dark behind the glow of Las Vegas to the secret lovers who dwell in Lugosi's tomb -- platinum pop stars, lascivious tap dancers, naughty necrophiles -- all creatures of their own hungers and desires. The eighteen master storytellers brought together in this disturbingly dark, exquisitely explicit and deliciously erotic collection are: Neil Gaiman * Randy Fox Pat Califia * Jean-Daniel Breque Janet Berliner and George Guthridge Lucy Taylor * Christopher Fowler O'Neil DeNoux Thomas S. Roche Stephen Mark Rainey David J. Schow Richard Laymon Nicholas Royle Roberta Lannes David Niall Wilson Brian Hodge Th. Metzger Caitlin R. KiernanWorid Fantasy Award-nominee and bestselling author Poppy Z....

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