Plain, Belva

| 1993

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A story of family... the Osbornes -- two sistersand a brother -- united by family ties but splitapart by different dreams. Lara, the happy youngwife, longs for the family that will make her lifewhole. Connie, wild and lovely, is more like herbrother Eddy -- bright, ambitious, and ready toseize all that life has to offer. A story ofchoices... Connie is looking for wealth -- to make or tomarry. Lara, staying behind in a small Ohio town, finds everything she cherishes threatened by fateand by her own blind commitment. And Eddy, as WallStreet's "wonder boy," can makemillions... if he ruthlessly uses his family and friends. Astory of marriages... Lara's held together bydevotion, Connie's shattered by infidelity andbetrayal, and Eddy's rocked by shame and prison. Torn byconflicting loyalties, they are a family caught inthe tides of scandal... and swept toward a fatewhere dreams may end or be born...

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