Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 7

Ikumi, Mia

| 2004

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The crime-fighting crew is back once and for all to save Tokyo from utter destruction. The plot thickens when a shocking secret is revealed that uber-villan Deep Blue is actually Masaya! Ichigo goes face-to-face with Deep Blue, and discovers that the Mew Aqua is inside of Masaya's body. In a desperate attempt to destroy Deep Blue, he releases Mew Aqua from his own body to free himself from the trance he's under, but in the process, loses his own life and gets killed. Meanwhile, Deep Blue is destroyed and peace is restored in Tokyo once again. Devastated and heart-broken over Masaya's death, Ichigo does everything in her power to bring him back by transferring all her power and energy to Masaya. Ichigo saves the day again and Masaya lives! While saving his life, she loses hers, and now, it's Masaya's turn to save his beloved Ichigo. He kisses Ichigo in hopes of reviving her, and she comes...

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