Time & Eternity

Jackelén, Antje

| 2005

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Internationally known scholar Antje Jackelen investigates the problem and concept of time. Her study draws on her experiences in the Continental-European science and religion dialogue, with a particular focus on the German, Scandinavian, and Anglo-American dialogues. Her analysis of the subject includes: the notion of time and eternity as it is narrated through Christian hymn books stemming from Germany, Sweden, and the English-speaking world, with insights into changes of the concept and understanding of time in Christian spirituality over the past few decades. Theological approaches to time and eternity, as well as a look at Trinitarian theology and its relation to time; the discussion of scientific theories of time, including Newtonian, relativistic, quantum, and chaos theories; and, the formulation of a "theology of time," a theological-mathematical model incorporating relational thinking...

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