The Woman Who Killed the Fish

?That woman who killed the fish unfortunately is me,? begins the title story, but ?if it were my fault, I?d own up to you, since I don?t lie to boys and girls. I only lie sometimes to a certain type of grownup because there?s no other way.? Enumerating all the animals she?s loved?cats, dogs, lizards, chickens, monkeys?Clarice finally asks: ?Do you forgive me?? ?The Mystery of the Thinking Rabbit? is a detective story which explains that bunnies think with their noses: for a single idea a bunny might ?scrunch up his nose fifteen thousand times? (he may not be too bright, but ?he?s not foolish at all when it comes to making babies?). The third tale, ?Almost True,? is a shaggy dog yarn narrated by a pooch who is very worried about a wicked witch: ?I am a dog named Ulisses and my owner is Clarice.? The wonderful last story, ?Laura?s Intimate Life? stars ?the nicest hen I?ve ever seen.? Laura...

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