The ultimate hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

Adams, Douglas

| 2002

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At last in paperback in one complete volume, here are the five classic novels from Douglas Adams?s beloved Hitchiker series. The Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy Seconds before the Earth is demolished for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is saved by Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised Guide. Together they stick out their thumbs to the stars and begin a wild journey through time and space. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Facing annihilation at the hands of warmongers is a curious time to crave tea. It could only happen to the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his comrades as they hurtle across the galaxy in a desperate search for a place to eat. Life, the Universe and Everything The unhappy inhabitants of planet Krikkit are sick of looking at the night sky? so they plan to destroy it. The universe, that is. Now only five individuals can avert...

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Emma Modén



Hysteriskt rolig! Läs, bara gört! Men se för guds skull inte filmen.

Robin Mabellini




Sofia J



En utav de bästa, roligaste och mest oförutsägbara böckerna som jag har läst. Det här är en bok som alla borde läsa, under all humor och till synes meningslöst nonsens finns det många viktiga lärdomar.