The Tunnel Under the World

Pohl, Frederik

| 2015

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"The Tunnel under the World" is a science fiction story that was first published in 1954 in Galaxy Magazine. It has often been anthologized, notably appearing in The Golden Age of Science Fiction in 1981. In the story, Guy and Mary Burckhardt wake up in their house in Tylerton on June 15, having both had terrible nightmares, but they can't recall the events of their dreams. It turns out they have been, unknowingly, waking up and reliving the same day and having strange experiences that they fail to recall after falling asleep. This goes on until Gary decides to try to discover what's happening to them. This is a story that keeps turning into something else just as you think you have it figured out. The ending will not fail to send a shiver down your spine.

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🌹This book was beyond my expectation
It gave cold shudders so it was shattering on my arms😱👌💪😱
I give this one 💜💜💜💜💜 5 pices of hearts🌹