The Tempest

I should not have gone back to the island but did it all the same. After many years away, Andreas returns to his childhood home on a small island off the Norwegian coast. He is there to sort through the belongings of his late foster father in their decaying old house, the Yellow Villa. But he soon finds himself overwhelmed with unexpected memories, and begins to uncover not only the shadowy history of the island, but the mysterious truth about his family's past ...Rich in shimmering echoes from Shakespeare's play, Steve Sem-Sandberg's The Tempest is a hypnotic portrayal of the inherited guilt that seeps through generations, haunting an island overgrown with myths.

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Som en långsam begravningsmarsch skrider berättelsen fram. Vi hör pukorna i bakgrunden av Andreas berättelse. Vackert och sorgset. Nej, det finns inget hopp för människan.