The syndrome

Case, John

| 2001

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A promising research fellow for a venerable think tank in Zurich is forced into a grisly experiment. A seductive young woman coolly sharpshoots an old man in a wheelchair as he basks in the late afternoon sun. A psychologist who helps patients confront past trauma battles his own silent demons. In "The Syndrome," John Case combines these intriguing elements into a pulse-pounding, mind-twisting new thriller. Dr. Jeff Duran suffers from severe panic attacks when he ventures too far outside his home office. And he is inexplicably haunted by mysterious memories, and phrases of a foreign language he never learned. Then, after a patient tormented by "recovered" memories commits suicide and her half-sister, Adrienne Cope, blames Duran his life spirals out of control. Suddenly targeted by unknown assassins, he and Adrienne must run for their very lives. Forced to trust each other, they must now work...

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Karl-Anders Molin



Jag läste givetvis den svenska översättningen, Syndromet. Den här boken är en riktig sträckläsare och är spänningsbok när den är som bäst. Gillar man Bourne Identity av Ludlum är chansen ganska stor att man gillar denna bok.