The Successors

McNeill, Graham

| 2022

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From storied successors including the Crimson Fists and Flesh Tearers to lesser-known Chapters like the Emperor's Spears and Consecrators, you'll be spoilt for no-holds-barred Space Marines action. The Space Marine Legions of old are dead. In their place have risen thousands of Chapters, each unique, each carrying the legacy of their founders across the countless battlefields of the Imperium. The Flesh Tearers spill blood in a war of brutal attrition. The Emperor's Spears keep a tireless watch, where their brothers have fallen. The Consecrators search the dark places for relics, artefacts of power from the noble past. The Crimson Fists vow, with bloodied hands, to become Dorn's glorious vanguard once more. These are the Imperium's bulwark against terror, the Emperor's Angels of Death. Forged from the genetic material of the demigod Primarchs, the Adeptus Astartes know no fear....

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