The Stepford Wives, ER B

Levin, Ira

| 2019

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In this tale of slowly uncoiling menace with an undercurrent of humour that makes the novel even more horrific, Joanna and her family have moved into the provincial suburb of Stepford with its beautiful houses and lovely, dutiful housewives. She soon gets the feeling that something is terribly wrong. But what can be wrong? Is she slowly going mad or is something weird going on directed by the members of the Men?s Association? What are the men doing there? Who are actually the men who moved to Stepford with their wives and children? Are they capable of doing to their wives what she begins to suspect they are doing? Easy Readers er bearbejdede og forkortede udgaver af romaner og noveller. De findes på niveau A, B, C og D, hvor A er lettest. Niveauerne relaterer til Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (level A2 til B2).

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