The Social Democratic State: The Swedish Model and the Bureaucratic Problem of Social Reforms

Rothstein, Bo

| 1998

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The Swedish Social Democratic Party, the SAP, is the most successful social democratic party in the world.  It has led the government for most of the last six decades, participating either alone or as the dominant force in coalition government.  The SAP has also worked closely with trade unions that have organized nearly 85 percent of the labor force, the highest rate among the advanced industrial democracies.  Rarely has a political party been so dominant or so closely linked to labor movement.  Yet Sweden remains very much a capitolist society with economic and social power firmly in the hands of big capitol. If one wants to know if politics, and most especially if reformist politics, matters - if, that is, political mobilization can change democratic capitolists societies - then Sweden under the Social Democrats is clearly one of the best empirical cases to study. Bo Rothstein uses the...

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