The Omen Machine: A Richard and Kahlan Novel

Goodkind, Terry

| 2011

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In The Omen Machine, #1 New York Times-bestselling author Terry Goodkind returns to the lives of Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell--in a compelling tale of a new and sinister threat to their world. Hannis Arc, working on the tapestry of lines linking constellations of elements that constituted the language of Creation recorded on the ancient Cerulean scroll spread out among the clutter on his desk, was not surprised to see the seven etherial forms billow into the room like acrid smoke driven on a breath of bitter breeze. Like an otherworldly collection of spectral shapes seemingly carried on random eddies of air, they wandered in a loose clutch among the still and silent mounted bears and beasts rising up on their stands, the small forest of stone pedestals holding massive books of recorded prophecy, and the evenly spaced display cases of oddities, their glass reflecting...

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Cornelia Johansson



Var tog slutet vägen??? Dessutom märks det att Goodkind tröttnat på att skriva om Richard och Kahlan då logiken i boken inte håller och då den inte känns genomtänkt. Läs inte denna boken om du gillar Terry Goodkinds böcker. Stanna på den föregående boken som ger serien ett riktigt slut!