The Old Wind

Shah, Tahir

| 2022

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As confusions of wildebeest roamed the savannah plains, a frail little gust of air struck the rounded side of a rock. Compressed for a fleeting moment, the gust doubled back on itself, forming the seed of a wind. All fresh and young, the little wind clung hold to the rock, fearful of letting go. As she did so, she heard the voice of an old wind, ripened by adventure. And so the fresh young wind let go, and her own journey began. She flew over the vast grasslands of Africa and out over the blue-black ocean, across the jungles of the Amazon, and beyond a hundred horizons. Becalmed, then rescued by a passing albatross, sucked up into the vortex of a colossal storm, zigzagging along valley floors, and rising higher than the mightiest of mountains, the little wind grew in confidence and verve... Until she was no longer a little wind at all. Having spiralled...

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