The Mind Game

MacDonald, Hector

| 1995

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Cutting-edge science and the logic of game theory combine to form an utterly original, spellbinding novel of suspense. "First rule of game theory: do whatever produces the optimal final outcome for you." "I didn't know we were playing a game." "But of course we are. . . ." An expert in animal behavior with a brilliant analytical mind, charismatic Oxford professor James Fieldhead needs a willing subject to test a groundbreaking device that may offer the key to understanding human emotions. Encouraged by Cara, his seductive new girlfriend, Ben Ashurst agrees to participate in the study, honored to be part of the first crucial stage of life-changing research. With a luxury resort on a pristine beach in Kenya as the site of the experiment, and Cara along for the ride, it seems a perfect way to spend the winter holiday. Yet beneath the surface of a sunny paradise awaits something cold...

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Maria Jacobsson



Jag har läst boken på svenska och titeln är då "Spelet".