The Man Who Ate the 747

Sherwood, Ben

| 2000

Flag from en


Read by David Schramm 4 Cassettes, 7 hours Dear Record Man, You won't believe it, but I know someone eating a 747...People think he's crazy, but I know why he's eating it. He has a good reason. And it isn't because he's hungry... J.J. Smith is the Record Man. He knows all about the lonest kiss, the fastest snail, the farthest cab ride. Travelling around the globe, he is the witness to amazing feats and strange deeds, the kind that get into the Book of Records. But there's one thing he knows nothing about. J.J. has never been in love--and wouldn't recogznize it if it was staring him in the face. Now love is about to call on J.J. from a cornfield under a vast blue sky, in a town called Superior, Nebraska. That's where one man is doing something amazing, eating a plane piece by piece, not for fame or fortune but to show a woman how much he loves her. For the good people of Superior,...

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