The Hippopotamus Marsh

Gedge, Pauline

| 2000

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An epic of the struggle to liberate Egypt from the rule of the "Shepherd Kings". The Hyksos-outlanders from Asia Minor with Cretan and Minoan trading connections-ruled Egypt for over two hundred years, from about 1830 b.c. Then the descendants of the last true king of Egypt rallied the native princes of Upper Egypt to rebel against the foreigners and their alien gods and ways. Sequenra Tao, prince of Weset, led the revolt. His provincial, aristocratic family-dauntless mother, dutiful wife, three handsome sons, and two beloved daughters-are accustomed to a life of straitened gentility on their estate, remote from the center of power and commerce in the Delta and from the contamination of the Hyksos. But when the prince decides to throw off the shackles of subservience, their lives change as they each must risk all, even life itself, to restore Egyptians and their gods to glory. The Hippopotamus...

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