The Golden Orange

Wambaugh, Joseph

| 1991

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When forty-year-old cop Winnie Farlowe lost hisshield, he lost the only protection he had. Eversince, he's been fighting a bad back, fighting thebottle, fighting his conscience. But now he's infor a special fight. Never before has he come upagainst anyone like Tess Binder. She's astunningly beautiful, sexually spirited three-timedivorcee from Newport Beach--capital of California'sGolden Orange, where wallets are fat, bikinis areskimpy, and cosmetic surgery is one sure way to abillionaire's bank account. Nearly a year ago TessBinder's father washed up on the beach with a bulletin his ear. The coroner called it suicide, but toTess it means the fear of her own fate. AndWinnie Farlowe is a man willing to follow wherever sheleads--straight into the juicy pulp of the GoldenOrange, a world where money is everything, butnothing adds up . . . where death and chicaneryflourish amidst ranches, mansions,...

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