The Ghost's Child

Hartnett, Sonya

| 2008

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This enchanting fable of a young woman and a wild boy is a haunting meditation on the nature of love and loss. Maddy, an old lady now, arrives home one day to find a peculiar boy waiting for her. Over tea, she tells him the story of her life long ago, when she wished for her days to be as romantic and mysterious as a fairy tale. It was then that she fell painfully in love with a free spirit named Feather, who put aside his wild ways to live with her in a little cottage, conceived with her a child never to be born, and disappeared leaving an inconsolable Maddy to follow after him on a fantastical journey across the sea. In a beautifully crafted tale, currently shortlisted for a 2008 Commonwealth Writers Prize, Sonya Hartnett masterfully explores the mysteries of the heart, the sustaining power of memory, and the ultimate consolation that comes to souls who live fully and fearlessly."

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Alekzandra K.



Välskriven, spännande och vacker. Slutet tog mig med storm.

Lotta Berling



En mycket speciell bok, sagoaktig och symbolisk med poetiskt språk. Skildrar ett helt liv på 150 sidor. Jag tycker nog att den känns mer som en vuxen- än ungdomsbok.

FranZone c”,)



Ungdomsbok men inte så mycket spöken utan mera fantasy, liknande "Flickan med glasfötterna"...

Nioo S



Rktigt fin.