The Final Starburst

Pilcher, Robin

| 2007

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It's coming up to the Edinburgh Festival, and everyone wants it to be the show of the season. Easier said than done for Roger, who must put on the firework display of his career, and he has a funny feeling things aren't going to run as smoothly as he hopes...And it's no wonder with the colourful - and volatile - array of musicians and entertainers preparing for their big moment on stage. There's Angelique, the French violinist who's as talented as she is beautiful, but she has problems of her own; then there's Rene, the reluctant comedian who's not quite sure she can pull it off; and Tess, who's trying to organise the perfect event, but can't shake the feeling that all isn't right in her marriage. Join this constellation of stars as they work towards the biggest event of the year - The Final Starburst. And rest assured that the fireworks won't be the only things going off with a bang...

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