The Eros of Parenthood: Explorations in Light and Dark

Reclaiming the Primal Language of TouchLeaning over a sleeping child, waiting for a small dripping body to emerge from the tub. . . what parent hasn't felt the pull of contradictory emotion: the rush of tenderness, the pang of anxiety—? We know that the physical love between parent and child is both natural and necessary, yet it's a subject we're afraid to approach-indeed, it's been called "the last taboo." In a language both lyrical and provocative, The Eros of Parenthood explores this highly charged and controversial territory. Even to put the two words together-eros and parenthood-is to enter a forbidden realm. Yet the two are inextricably linked. For eros, the energy of connection, fuels the immense labor of parental care, fosters the formation of the human self, and lies at the foundation of all forms of human love. In its intense physicality, the love between parent...

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