The Eleventh Day: The History and Legacy of 9/11

Summers, Anthony

| 2011

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FINALIST FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE Writing with access to thousands of recently released official documents, fresh interviews, and the perspective that can come only from a decade of research and reflection, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan deliver the first panoramic, authoritative look back at 9/11. For most living Americans, September 11, 2001, is the darkest date in the nation's history. What exactly happened? Could it have been prevented? How and why did so much acrimony and bad information arise from the ashes of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a quiet field in Pennsylvania? And what remains unresolved? What is certain: Discord and dissent continue to this day. Beginning with the first brutal actions of the hijackers aboard American Airlines Flight 11, "The Eleventh Day" tracks the precise sequence of events and introduces the players: pilots, terrorists, the airliners' passengers,...

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