The Devil in the Flesh

"The Devil in the Flesh, one of the finest, most delicate love stories ever written, is set in Paris during the last year of the First World War. The narrator, a boy of 16, tells of his love affair with Martha Lacombe, a young woman whose soldier husband is away at the front. With an accuracy of insight that is almost ruthless, he describes his conflicting emotions-the pride of an adolescent on the verge of manhood and the pain of a child thrust too fast into maturity. The liaison soon becomes a scandal, and their friends, horrified and incredulous, refuse to accept what is happening-even when the affair reaches its tragic climax.

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Lennart Carlsson


Har läst denna bok på svenska, då jag på 1980-talet köpte hela Mästarbiblioteket, utgivet av Bokorama 1984. Finner ej boken på svenska här i detta forum.