The Dark Road

Jian, Ma


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"From one of world literature s most courageous voices, a novel about the human cost of China s one-child policy through the lens of one rural family on the run from its reach" Far away from the Chinese economic miracle, from the bright lights of Beijing and Shanghai, is a vast rural hinterland, where life goes on much as it has for generations, with one extraordinary difference: normal parents are permitted by the state to have only a single child. "The Dark Road "is the story of one such normal family Meili, a young peasant woman; her husband, Kongzi, a village schoolteacher; and their daughter, Nannan. Kongzi is, according to family myth, a direct lineal descendant of Confucius, and he is haunted by the imperative to carry on the family name by having a son. And so Meili becomes pregnant again without state permission, and when local family planning officials launch a new wave of crackdowns,...

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