The Currents of Space

Asimov, Isaac

| 2009

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High above the planet Florinia, the Squires of Sark live in unimaginable wealth and comfort. Down in the eternal spring of the planet, however, the native Florinians labor ceaselessly to produce the precious kyrt that brings prosperity to their Sarkite masters. Rebellion is unthinkable and impossible. Not only do the Florinians no longer have a concept of freedom, any disruption of the vital kyrt trade would cause other planets to rise in protest, ultimately destabilizing trade and resulting in a galactic war. So the Trantorian Empire, whose grand plan is to unite all humanity in peace, prosperity, and freedom, has stood aside and allowed the oppression to continue. Living among the workers of Florinia, Rik is a man without a memory or a past. He has been abducted and brainwashed. Barely able to speak or care for himself when he was found, Rik is widely regarded as a simpleton by the worker...

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Marcus Björklund



Kom ut på svenska som Dömd planet. Innehåller intressanta paraleller till hur Nazityskland och Sovjet behandlade lydstater. De ekonomiska motiven till kolonialism belyses på ett trovärdigt sätt. Klart läsvärd - och spännande.