The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard, Volume 3

Discover some of the early elements of writing style and personality that would go on to define Robert E. Howard, the professional writer. Known to his friends and family simply as "Bob," these early letters illustrate a life-long interest in poetry, boxing, folk songs, and the Irish and the Celts. These letters provide an intimate window as Howard works to develop his writer's craft, creating poems, dramas, parodies of Fu Manchu and detective stories, as well as ribald and bawdy plays and poems. Also revealed are Howard's views on the world at large, including political, social, and philosophical issues, as well as details of his day-to-day life. Don't miss this rare opportunity to get to know Bob Howard on a more personal level, as his friends once knew him. The publication of "Spear and Fang" in the July 1925 issue of Weird Tales introduced the world to Robert E. Howard; in...

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