The castle in the forest

Mailer, Norman

| 2007

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Who was Adolf Hitler? It's a question writers have been trying to answer for more than sixty years. But after thousands of biographies, histories, novels, and films, many fundamental questions remain: How do we explain Hitler's hatred? Where did it come from? Could it happen again? Norman Mailer sets out to respond to these and other crucial aspects of Hitler's personality in his compulsively readable new novel. Spanning three generations, and a hundred years of history, the book brings to life the Hitlers - grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and, ultimately, young Adolf - in an energetic and wildly entertaining family saga. Mailer recounts the marriages, incestuous couplings, estrangements, afflictions, and deaths that lead to the birth of youngAdolf in 1889. Told in the voice of a mysterious (and unreliable) narrator, this playful yet profound novel blends fact and fiction...

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Michael X



Boken var en besvikelse... Mailer har en intressant idé, låta Den Onde och hans agenter katalisera fram det som så småningom blir Hitler..., men han lyckas inte få mycket vettigt ur det, och kommer, efter mycket prat, inte längre än till puberteten. Synd, för det kunde ha blivit en (ur judisk och allierad synvinkel) passande satir.