The Borrowers

Norton, Mary

| 1953

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Chivers Children's Audio Books is proud to present you with our brand new collection of titles on Compact Disc! As always, these high-quality books are recorded complete and unabridged. All of our titles will still be available on cassette, but now you have the opportunity to order selected Chivers Children's Audio Books on Compact Disc!The Borrowers are a tiny race of people who live hidden away in houses or other safe, convenient places, and own nothing except what they borrow from "human beans." The last family to live in the old house, Pod, Homily and Arrietty have made a comfortable home beneath the kitchen floor. But their lives become threatened when Pod is seen while on a borrowing expedition. So Arrietty is taught by her father the fine -- and dangerous -- art of borrowing to enable her and Homily to survive should Pod be caught...

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