The Book of Extraordinary Impossible Crimes and Puzzling Deaths: The Best New Original Stories of the Genre

A murder has been committed but how could it have happened? Was the room locked from the inside? Was the suspect or killer actually close to the scene or death or, impossibly, miles away? How come the body shows no sign of violence? Where is the weapon that inflicted the deadly blow? Was the right person actually killed? Crime and mystery fiction can be full of impenetrable conundrums and endless question marks when the story itself becomes a reality-defying puzzle for the sleuth or policeman in attendance to solve. Some of mystery fiction's most clever talents from the USA and the UK offer a series of brand-new ingenious stories which will have the reader scratching his brow until the very last minute and delight in the Macchiavellian solutions. This is the third volume in Mango's innovative collections of the best that crime fiction has to offer.

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