The Book of Disquiet

Pessoa, Fernando

| 1992

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A modernist masterwork that has now taken on a similar iconic status to "Ulysses", "The Trial" or "In Search of Lost Time", Fernando Pessoa's "The Book of Disquiet" is edited and translated with an introduction by Richard Zenith in "Penguin Modern Classics". 'Fernando Pessoa, strictly speaking, doesn't exist,' - so claimed Alvaro de Campos, one of the 'heteronyms', fully-realised substitute personalities invented by Fernando Pessoa to spare himself the trouble of living real life. In this extraordinary book, the putative 'factless autobiography' of an accountant named Bernardo Soares, Fernando Pessoa explores and dismantles the nature of memory, identity, time and narrative, creating one of the greatest - but also the strangest - modernist texts. An assembly of sometimes-linked fragments, "The Book of Disquiet" is a mesmerising, haunting 'novel' without parallel in any other culture. This...

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