The Boat in the Evening

Vesaas, Tarjei

| 2003

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The Boat In The Evening is the last book by the acclaimed Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas. On its publication in Scandinavia it was quickly acclaimed as the culmination of Vesaas's work, and placed its author for the third time among the finalists for the Nobel Prize. A crane colony arrives at its breeding ground to play out a delicately drama that ends with the rarely-observed ceremony of the ritual dance. All is observed by a transfixed child who has frozen into his background and become a piece of nature himself, "a pale tussock in a windcheater". In The Boat In The Evening the author, with a kind of cinematic impressionism, voyages back to episodes from childhood, adolecence and maturity as well as making speculative forays into the unknown. Unfolding in a series of delicate sketches that record the changing moods of human experience, The Boat In The Evening is at once pervaded by a sense...

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