The Arrogance of Power: The Secret World of Richard Nixon

Summers, Anthony

| 2001

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More than two decades after he resigned from the presidency, Richard Nixon has lost none of his fascination. From the ongoing debates about his record in office to the contentious struggles over the White House tapes, we as a nation seem obsessed with the need to understand our most infamous political figure. In The Arrogance of Power award-winning investigative journalist Anthony Summers offers an unprecedented examination of a president whose personality embraced both political brilliance and criminal vindictiveness.Drawing on more than a thousand interviews and five years of research, Summers traces Nixon's career from his youth in California through his controversial terms in Congress and the vice presidency to his turbulent days in the Oval Office. The pattern that emerges is of a man driven by a lifelong addiction to intrigue and power, a man whose subversion of democracy during...

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