The Arabian Nights Adventures

Shah, Tahir

| 2020

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For a thousand nights, ruthless King Shahriyar weds a new bride at dusk, only to have her executed the following dawn. Fearing for their lives, the kingdom's young women are in hiding, or have already fled. A request arrives for Scheherazade, the wise and beautiful daughter of the chief vizier, to be married to the cruel and cold-blooded king. But rather than flee, she accepts the invitation. Having received instructions from the friendly Blue Witch, Scheherazade is wed to the king. In the royal apartment, an hourglass is turned, the falling grains of sand marking the last hours of her life. Rather than resigning herself to fate, Scheherazade does something none of the other brides dared to do... She begins to tell a story. Casting a pinch of magic dust into the brazier, the tale she spins comes to life in the fire's flames. At first, all is well, and the king...

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