The Alkaline 5 Diet

Wilson, Laura

| 2015

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This incredibly easy-to-follow diet allows you to eat five meals a day without restricting calories, and create the best health you've ever had Written by ultra-marathoner and health coach Laura Wilson, who has used these principles to turn her own health around, this diet is easy to stick to, provides all your macro and micro-nutrient needs, and supports bodily regeneration and healing without the use of medical interventions. Discover a simple, practical way to eat, that will help you to heal health problems including: weight issues / obesitybad skin / premature aginglow energy / chronic fatiguepoor sleep / insomniastress and depressionpoor concentrationmood swingsbladder or kidney problemsdull skin, eczema, acne or psoriasisbrittle hair and nailsfrequent infections, colds, yeast infectionsallergiestype 2 Diabeteshigh cholesterolheart...

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