The Aeneid


| 2009

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"I sing of arms and the man..." So begins the ageless epic of Aeneas and his men, who are seemingly destined to wander the ancient world endlessly, the playthings of wrathful gods. Fleeing the ruins of Troy, Aeneas must fight his battles with little notion that Jupiter has ordained that the Trojan champion shall promulgate a race that will be the forebears of Rome. @TranslatioStud Got a gift of a huge wooden horse today, here in Troy. Just appeared outside the city gate. BTW: War going poorly. Surprise. Soldiers inside the horse. We didn't start the fire Hector's Ghost says to GTFO - take Dad and the kid with me. I'm on a boat. Three generations of Aenean men on a sea-journey of epic proportions. Hmm. Sounds familiar... From "Twitterature: The World's Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less"

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