The Adventures of Pinocchio

Collodi, Carlo

| 1987

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Pinocchio was naughty from the very first day that Geppetto created him. Instead of going to school or learning a trade, the little puppet who magically came to life wanted only to eat, drink, sleep, and play. Poor Pinocchio's problems grew -- as did his nose every time he told a lie, which was quite often. And even worse, he found himself in one dreadful situation after another; in prison, turned into a donkey, and even stranded in the belly of an enormous shark. Enhanced by Thea Kliros's 32 original illustrations, this newly abridged version of the beloved story includes all the familiar characters: Geppetto, a childless woodcarver; a wise old cricket; a sly fox and conniving cat; a lovely fairy; and a host of other figures. Filled with humor and adventure, and sealed with a heartwarming conclusion, this time-honored fable has thrilled youngsters for over 100 years. In this inexpensive...

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Therese Olsson



Var till en början något skeptisk till den mörka tonen i boken, men den lyfter verkligen berättelsen i stort. Spännande läsning som aldrig blir sockersöt. Budskapet till de barn som läste berättelsen när den skrevs i slutet av 1800-talet går inte att ta miste på, men det stör inte heller att det är så övertydligt. Jag läste utgåvan från 2014 som illustrerats av Robert Ingpen. Illustrationerna här är fantastiska och ger berättelsen en extra dimension.