Hoffmann, Heinrich

| 2021


This public domain "children's" book was written by German physician Heinrich Hoffmann. Originally published in 1845, it was (re)introduced to the American public in 2006 by a well-known paper salesman and beet farmer. Dr. Hoffmann offers ten well-intentioned parables that warn children of the consequences and dangers of insolence and distasteful behavior -- you might call it the 19th-century version of "scared straight."Struwwelpeter may have been deemed appropriate for children in mid-1800's Germany, but it is definitely not acceptable in today's overly sensitive political climate. The book is genuinely offensive on myriad levels - racial stereotypes, comic book violence, gruesome depictions, and much more If you are easily offended, lack a sense of humor, or are unable to comprehend that civilization has mostly] progressed since this book was written, you have been warned Purchase...

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Petra Hansson



Den får ett bra betyg av mig pga att den roar mig och fascinerar mig. Men som barnbok är den helt galen.