Stone Circle

"e;There's something evil emanating form Boston Harbor in this supernatural thriller, and we aren't talking about the smell at low tide. The plot features enough greed, ambition, and self-deception to stock a thriller of the more mundane variety. But on top of that, the author builds a ghost story to manipulate the protagonists beyond where they are prepared to manipulate one another. A Yankee tycoon has begun to build a gambling casino on a private island in Boston Harbor. When workers unearth puzzling stone structures, progress is halted until an archaeologist can render a verdict. The tycoon calls Peter Van Zandt, a scholar who has suffered both professional and personal disaster of late. Mourning the loss of his wife and struggling to raise their small son alone, Peter has seen his judgment falter and his reputation skid. Working feverishly on the island, he becomes convinced...

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