The Steel Remains

Morgan, Richard K.

| 2008

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Ringil Eskiath, hero to anyone who doesn't know him, and a corrupt degenerate to anyone who does, wielder of the kiriath blade Ravensfriend and scarred hero of Gallows Gap. With the war long over and with nothing left to fight for Ringil lives in exile nursing his rage. But now a family member has come calling with an offer he can't refuse, a job only he can do, and a final chance to crank himself back up to the same pitch of fury that sustained him like a drug all those years ago. And the truth is, he really doesn't have anything much better to do in what remains of his hollowed-out life. The lady kir-Archeth Indamaninarmal, abandoned kiriath half-breed, and last remaining advisor to the Yhelteth Empire on the abandoned kiriath technology she only half-way understands herself. She barely survived the war against the Scaled Folk, she has no family, no friends and no faith in the useless...

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