Short-Tempered Melancholic and Other Stories

Tanemura, Arina

| 2008

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A collection of four short stories from the famed mangaka Arina Tanemura!  Short-Tempered Melancholic:                                                 Kajika Yamano is a female ninja whose job is to protect her family's legendary weapon. But when a boy she has a crush on tells her she should be more ladylike, she vows to give up all ninja deeds. This Love is Nonfiction: Yuri sends her pen pal Ryo a picture of herself--but it's really of her best friend Karin, who is prettier than she is. Now Ryo wants to meet her, so she has no choice but to send Karin instead! Rainy Afternoons are for Romantic Heroines: Minori falls in love with Takato, a boy who shared his umbrella with her one rainy afternoon. Now she "forgets" her umbrella every time it rains in hopes of becoming closer to him. The Style of the Second Love: Mana secretly likes her friend's boyfriend, but Nakamura, a younger...

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