Shades of Grey

Fforde, Jasper

| 2009

Flag from en


No one could cheat the Colourman and the colour test. What you got was what you were, forever. Your life, career and social standing decided right there and then, and all worrisome life-uncertainties eradicated forever. You knew who you were, what you would do, where you would go, and what was expected of you. In return, you simply accepted your rung upon the Chromatic ladder, and assiduously followed the Rulebook. Your life was mapped. And all in the time it takes to bake a tray of scones . . . Eddie Russett lives comfortably in a world where fortune, career and ultimate destiny are rigidly dictated by the colours you can see. Until he falls in love with a Grey named Jane, and starts to question every aspect of the Rulebook. Why are spoons illegal? And what actually happens to all those people who are sent to the Emerald City to Reboot?

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Jag gillade framtidsversionen och dess detaljer (som att näsor är höjden av sexighet) men jag tyckte ploten var obefintlig och därför tog boken en evighet att läsa. Extra plus får Fforde för de walesisktalande vägarna.

jörgen jönsson



Det var en var upplevelse...läsvärd när man väl kommit in i den!

FranZone c”,)



Wannabe George Orwell möter wannabe Douglas Adams om en värld med "färgade"...