Serpent Mage

Weis, Margaret

| 1993

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After the four worlds Alfred has at last foundhis people on Chelstra, the realm of sea. But histravels have taught him to be cautious... andAlfred soon realizes his caution is justified, evenamong his own kind. The one person Alfred can trustis, strangely, Haplo the Patryn. But Haplo's lordhas decreed all Sartan to be the enemy, and Haplodares not go against his lord. Now the companionshave arrived in a land where humans, elves, anddwarves have learned to live in peace. Unaware of aneven greater threat to all the realms, it isSartan and Patryn who will disrupt this alliance of thelesser races in their struggle to gain control ofall four worlds. Only Alfred and Haplo realizethat they have a much older -- and more powerful --enemy than each other..."

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